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GUY CALI ASSOCIATES, INC. was established in Northeastern Pennsylvania in 1973 by Master Photographer Guy Cali, and has since become the leader in high quality visual imaging. Our 8,000 square foot location boasts of multi-functional indoor studios, landscaped outdoor studios, a 40 foot Cyclorama-wall, the latest in digital technology and a staff of professionally certified photographers. We supply numerous photographic and media services within the departments of Portrait Photography and Images for Business, continually rising above the challenges of the visual profession. Our work has won awards and been featured in publications, conferences and exhibitions, both nationally and internationally and our close community and client relationships have led to extensive success in providing unique, tailored communications.

IMAGES FOR BUSINESS      Visit Portfolio

Our Images For Business department supplies photographic and media services in Commercial, Architecture, Industrial, Food, Executive, Stock, 360 Elements, 3D Media and Video Production.


K Hart Photography & Design LLC supplies photographic and media services in Portraits, Wedding, Seniors, Restoration and Framing. This includes, but is not limited to Families, Newborns, Children, Anniversaries, Celebrations, Holidays, Extracurricular Activities, and Pets. +01.570.586.2500 © GUY CALI ASSOCIATES, INC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED